हिंदी व्याकरण-9-बी. कोर्स

हिन्दी-व्याकरण-9 बी कोर्स PPT


3 thoughts on “हिंदी व्याकरण-9-बी. कोर्स

  1. Hi sir
    I glad to see your blog and I appreciate your interest regarding use if IT in hindi. I am also trying to do some work for hindi world.you can download a model ppt for hindi quiz from this link: http://files.hindippt.webnode.com/200000007-8e0ea8f05d/QUIZ%20IN%20HINDI.pptx
    near future you can able to download more ppt from this website: http://www.hindippt.webnode .com

    you can also use my software for cce result and mess software ect.for this
    You can visit my website : http://www.kamaruddin.webnode.com
    I suggested you to typed letter with animation for ppt instead of scan.

  2. Hi sir, I know about you from my TGT Bengali shri Ujjal chakroborty sir who worked with you in your school. Now he is working with me. I invite you to see my Result software for class VI-XII and mess software which are available on my website : http://www.kamaruddin.webnode.com
    these software is being used successfully in my school.

    waiting for your feedback.


    with regard
    TGT Hindi
    JNV North 24 Parganas.

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